Loan Web Form Security FAQ

Because we understand that you supply what feels like a significant amount of personal information when applying for a payday or installment loan, we take the necessary precautions to keep all of that data safe. This starts with encrypting your application information and utilizing SSL connections when transmitting. Additionally, we use EV Certificates, showing that our dedication to security is of the utmost importance.

These measures work to keep your information as safe as possible and avoid any instances of identity theft. Furthermore, while browsing sensitive parts of our site, you can tell you’re in a secure space by the green border around the browser’s address bar or a green lock next to the address. This green border informs you that our security certificates are actively protecting your information. Because of these measures, you can safely input information like your social security number, bank account number, and home address when applying for a loan.

Beyond our in-house security measures, we also use outside security monitoring to further keep your personal information confidential.

No, we will not give any of your personally-identifiable information to outside companies. However, we maintain the right to use third-party services which may result in sharing overall browsing patterns, site usage, and advertising evaluation.

Loan Web Form utilizes cookies to offer you a better experience while applying for and managing your payday loan or installment loan. We do not store any personal information on the cookies used on this site.

To make communication with customers easier, we do ask for your email address when applying for a payday or installment loan online. Generally, we will only send emails to inform you that certain steps have been met or additional action is required on your part. Furthermore, you can opt out of email correspondence while creating your account with us, and any emails you receive offer you ways out of receiving additional emails as well.

Nevertheless, email is not a very secure way to communicate. That being the case, if you need to deliver sensitive information such as a social security number or a copy of a paystub, please either fax it to us, send it through the mail, or contact us by phone.

Any links you find on Loan Web Form to outside websites are simply to offer you convenience. We do not necessarily endorse the products, companies, or services on those websites. When visiting other websites, please check their individual privacy and security policies before providing personal information.

At no time will Loan Web Form knowingly collect, keep, or utilize any personal information from users who are under 18 years old.

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